Sneak Peek- Gender blood test  7+ weeks

$129 Blood Test- 2 day results

$149 Fast Track Blood test- 24 hour results

$159 DNA + Heartbeat Scan 

         Includes: Gender blood test results in 2 days, 2D Scan, a few printed pics

$179 DNA +  Heartbeat Scan

        Includes: Gender blood test results  NEXT day, 2D Scan, a few printed pics

Want to come back for gender confirmation?! We will provide a confirmation ultrasound after 14+ weeks for only $49.99! Includes printed b&w photos to take home.


Heartbeat Scans  ( 7-13 weeks)

If you are 8+ weeks you can see you baby in 2D and listen to your babies heartbeat. 

$59 Heartbeat Scan Listen to your babies heartbeat + heartbeat calculation, and see your baby in 2D. Includes a few black and white printed pics

$89 Heartbeat scan + Large Heartbeat animal (Save $5)

boy girl.jpg

Gender /2D Scans  (14-21 weeks)

If you are 14+ weeks , come in for a gender reveal ultrasound to see if your having a BOY or a GIRL! If you are between gender and 3D/4D time, you can  book this 2D appointment to come in and see baby to get more keepsake photos.

$80 Gender Reveal Scan or 2D scan- Listen to the heartbeat + heartbeat calculation, includes a few black and white printed pics.

$100 Gender Reveal Scan + Large Heartbeat animal  (Save $15)

$110 Gender Reveal Scan + Large Heartbeat animal + Gender Confetti Cannon (save $20)


Want a gender reveal Surprise? Then this package is for you!


$125 Gender Reveal Box 

Includes a gender reveal scan, any heartbeat tell us what animal you want for a girl/boy and we will put it inside your box as a SURPRISE! Also includes a large confetti cannon (Blue or Pink)  and a few black and white printed photos.


BOY OR GIRL?! Our room lights up when we give you the exciting news... BLUE OR PINK, what will it be ???? Featured only at Baby Bump Imaging! We are beyond excited to add an exciting way to announce to our amazing clients what they are having!


3D/4D/HD Live (22-34 weeks)

Please review chart below for details on when best 3D images are normally obtained, Best images are seen between 25 to 32 weeks. It is ​VERY IMPORTANT that you drink plenty of water the entire week leading up to your appointment. This is the one thing that will help in getting clear 3D/4D pictures!

$125   3D/4D/HD Live Scan  Includes 30 minutes of scanning, digital video recording of your scan, all digital photos  on your online personal baby flix account , 5-10 printed black and white photos

$160   3D/4D  Scan + Large Heartbeat Animal

$200 for two 3D/4D Scans

* you will come in once during 24-27weeks, and again at 31-34 weeks*

Final Peak (35 weeks+) only $75!  Pictures are dependent on baby's position and amount of fluid. 

Special Offers!

V.I.P Membership $450

An unlimited package to allow you to come in once a month to see baby throughout your pregnancy (3D/4D imaging included in every appt) and one heartbeat animal of your choice at your first visit. You will receive a babyflix account with a video of your scan and digital copies of all photos uploaded after each appointment. Includes a few black and white photos printed at each visit.

Premier Package $275

A package that includes 3 scans of your choice (you can use your scans at anytime during your pregnancy) this includes gender reveal scans, 2D & 3D/4D ultrasounds plus one heartbeat animal of your choice at your first visit. A babyflix account is also included and a few printed black and white photos at each visit.

If you would like to upgrade to one of these packages and are already a client of ours, send us a message to our page or give us a call!

Guide to when you should book your 3D/4D Ultrasound

3D/4D/HD Live  imaging can be done at any visit. If you are planning on only booking one 3D/4D ultrasound throughout your entire pregnancy, below is a guide to help you decide when to book your appointment. 

Week 14 to 23 - Baby is thinner in appearance. Facial features are not as developed, but we get more of the baby on the screen and see more movement.

Week 24-27 Great time to see baby in 3D if you want to see more than babies face. You can see a lot of babies movement, arms, shoulders, chest and back in addition to babies face.  Perfect time to see visit with your baby half way through your pregnancy and get a glimpse of what he or she will look like!



Week 28-34 Great time to view baby's face in 3D. I also tend to focus on face, hands and feet since entire baby will no longer fit on the screen. Baby's cheeks are chubbier in appearance and there is still enough room to get quality images.









Week 35 to 36 - Unpredictable, baby's face may no longer be in a good position.

* Between 23 to 25 weeks is best for 3D Ultrasound if expecting twins *


$20-35 Heartbeat bears- Our  lovable heartbeat stuffed animals allow you to cherish your baby’s heartbeat forever! Each animal contains a small recordable device that will capture the precious sounds of your baby's heart.  We have a wide variety of animals to choose from!

$49.99 Fetal Doppler

$14.99 Large Confetti Cannons

$15 Picture Frames

$49+ Heartbeat Jewelry customized with your babies heartbeat!

$10 Baby Flix Web App-Now your baby's gallery of images will always be just as close as your phone!  The app lets you email individual photos or your entire album to friends and you can even share them instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

$50-200 Gift Certificates- Provide a unique and unforgettable experience for the expecting mother in your life!  We offer gift certificates for all of our products and packages in any amount. Purchase gift certificates online or come into our studio. Click here to get a gift certificate today!